Message from the President

Transition –wise-brooke-uehlein-160120-9365_pp a word we are all familiar with. Transition happens personally, professionally and throughout the course of life. This past year our family has moved into a new home, I made a career move and celebrated a birthday that now has me at that halfway point from retirement age. Needless to say, a lot of transition.

Throughout this,remaining positive and seeing the bigger picture has helped keep me focused. A fellow WISE board member sent me this quote a few months back:

“Be a work-in-progress and keep progressing.”
As you read that quote, I ask that you to reflect on your own progression and from reading this newsletter be ENCOURAGED and INSPIRED by the progression of fellow WISE members, including one of our founders, Buffy Filippell, who will be honored by WISE National as one of this year’s Women of the Year recipients in NYC.

As a chapter, the board continues to develop a strategy of how to best serve our members now and in the coming years. This has included a recent update to by-laws for office terms of board members and that of the President. In the past, no set term or on-boarding process for the role of Chapter President was defined. After careful review from the Governance Chairs and many discussions from the board, WISE will now have a 2-year President Term. In addition, during the last six months of a President serving WISE Cleveland, a President-elect will be determined from an existing board member. This will allow the current President and the “Elect” to work side by side helping educate and prepare for a full term takeover.

As some may know, I am currently within that six month timeframe of completing my service to the chapter as President. It was almost 3 years ago when I was asked to step into this role and I cannot thank all of our members enough for sharing with me their passion fo
r the industries we represent. I have gained great friendships and grew deeper relationships with many of you. I am forever grateful.

It is with excitement that I share with you that Lauren Harris has recently been approved asLauren HArris headshot President-Elect and will continue to serve WISE Cleveland as President for Fall 2017 – 2019. I have known Lauren since 2006. We’ve grown our careers and our families together. I believe that it is important that we collaborate with people that we can learn from. From in depth conversations, a formal interview process with the board, as well as leadership through her actions, Lauren has demonstrated a strong skill that will push us to learn from one another while holding to the mission of WISE. Together with the board, we are thrilled to have Lauren take the chapter to the next level and prepare for what is to come after 2020!

Join me in wishing Lauren all the best, and be sure to congratulate her at the next WISE event! In addition, Keep up-to-date with all of our events and happenings via our website and social media accounts (@WISECleveland,

Thank you again,