Recap: EventSource Tips and Trends

On Thursday, April 23, 2015, WISE member Deborah Halkovics hosted us at EventSource in Valley View for a fun evening of event trends and delicious vegan food!

Our first speaker was Amy Jindra, Marketing Director for EventSource. Amy described why she loves working in a fun and innovative environment like EventSource, where she has been since September of 2014. One of the takeaways from her presentation is to keep a sketchbook for ideas so you are not confined to lines and structure while you are having a “moment”. Amy also mentioned that if you are feeling frustrated and cannot break through a mental block then taking a nap or a walk can help clear your mind and feel rejuvenated.

Our second speaker was Jacob Holland, Creative Director for EventSource. Jacob was energetic as he spoke about the trends happening for spring and summer 2015. He noted that although the rustic look was the theme of the decade, since most new restaurants have that “look”, that it is always good to go back to a classic with flair such as Tiffany blue and ivory but adding a textured tablecloth to make it more interesting.  Another display Jacob designed showcased a modern Asian look with coral and black accented with a beautiful orchid centerpiece.

Jacob concluded that bringing the outdoors in with foliage and plants was a trend that would still be popular going into the rest of the year and that making it larger than life by adding a pergola indoors with some modern leather furniture adds a chic vibe to any venue.

Our third speaker was Laura Ross, co-Founder of Cleveland Vegan Catering and Café. The menu she brought to the evening was palatable: avocado skins, (potatoes stuffed with whipped avocado), roasted corn and black bean salad scoops, quinoa and arugula salad, carrot cake bars and mini raw chocolate peanut butter cups. Through the growth of their business over the last 3 years, Laura remarked that the bulk of their clientele is not entirely vegan, but rather they know a plant based diet is better for them and they like to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. However, wedding couples are more likely to both be vegan if they are hiring Cleveland Vegan. Some of the heartier items that Cleveland Vegan makes that work well for large groups looking for a main course include cauliflower lasagna, ginger apple Seitan chops and pistachio encrusted “cutlets.”

Lastly, we heard from Michelle Touve-Holland, owner of The Red Twig in Hudson, OH. Michelle is an artist in her own right and her creations are different from your traditional “giant hydrangeas in a tall vase” centerpieces. She uses a lot of grass pieces to accent her arrangements and tries to use as many of the local Ohio flowers as she can for clients. When she is hired for a wedding, Michelle will follow the bride on Pinterest to get ideas for their special day; the challenge being that Pinterest has made some brides think everything is attainable to them but when they share their ideas with Michelle, they are not entirely aware of cost barriers. Although it is always fun when a client has a large budget, Michelle was candid when explaining that sometimes it is the smaller budgets that force her creativity to shift into high gear and produce something amazing with cost constraints, a challenge that she gladly accepts.

In case you could not make the event, here are the links to the generous vendors: