Speed Mentoring Roundtables

On January 19th, WISE Cleveland celebrated National Mentoring Month through the WISE national event, Speed Mentoring Roundtables. Event attendees enjoyed networking and refreshments by Cafe Sausalito before the panel discussion by our mentors. Following the panel discussion, our speed mentoring roundtables began where our mentors rotated from table to table to share their expertise.
Thank you to our incredible panel of mentors:
Loren Chylla: Executive Vice President- Integrated Media, Adcom
Michelle Hill: Program Director, North American Society for Trenchless Technology
Wendy Holliday: Executive Director, PLM World
Mary Beth Pate: Executive Director- Marketing Communications, Cleveland Clinic
Dr. Bonnie Tiell: President – Tiell Total Sports, LLC, Professor of Sport Management – Tiffin University


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